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Quality System

  As the beginning of factory established, we produce all kinds of transmission products in line with quality first, lean production, technology innovation, quality service company concept. According to the requirements of GB/T19001-2008 standard to establish, implement and maintain the quality management system, and insist on continuous improvement, in order to ensure the quality management system is effective, suitability and adequacy.
  We made the necessary system documents (quality manual, program files and other files) before products realization and implementation process, ensuring the process to be effective running.
  Company adopts ERP management system to control the process and ensure that can get the necessary resources and information, to support the effective operation of the process and the monitoring and control of these processes;
  We monitor, measure and analyze these processes effect though the customer satisfaction, system audit, management review; According to the results, we carry out the necessary corrective and preventive to achieve continuous improvement
  At the same time we continuou improve the system through the internal audit, management audit and external audit.