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Production capacity


  FW Drive owns batch of high-precision equipments, including 7 sets international advanced teeth grinding machines (German NILES company model ZE1200 2sets, ZP20 1set, ZP30 1set, Germany HOFLER RAPID800 2 set, RAPID1600 1set), CNC gear hobbing machines, CNC lathes, CNC gear shaping machines, CNC vertical milling, machining center and a batch of carburizing and high frequency quenching heat treatment equipments. Providing a strong guarantee to all processes from rough machining - heat treatment - finishing - grinding and delivery requirements. Meanwhile equipped with perfect gearbox assembly platform, noise test, temperature test, vibration test, lubrication flow test device etc.
  FW Drive has scientific production control system, which focus to reduce cost, eliminate waste, optimize business processes. The production module to be successful using after financial management module,  sales management module, the purchasing management module of ERP system. From BOM, MRP, orders, workshop management, outsource parts, such as part number as a unique identifier, tracking every parts from material inspection - production - the whole process of inbound and outbound, achieve the goal of the lean production. The production planning to be rationalized arrangement based on customer delivery request, and we also provide the project schedule tracking service.

  FW Drive highly values the improvement of worker skills, creating a highly skilled, highly qualified technicians. Vigorously carry out skill learning, skill competition, technical and professional skills leading activities, to keep the talents lasted. Providing a strong guarantee in talent and intellectual support for the company sustainable development.