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The welfare system

The welfare system:
  Company set a perfect welfare system, according to different demand to provide special welfare.
  1, Vacation: enjoying the vacation with pay, including the wedding leave, funeral leave,
   maternity leave, sick leave, etc.;
  2, Insurance:  providing social insurance and commercial insurance;
  3, Physical examination: organize staff make physical examination per year and safeguard the
   staff’s physical and mental health;
  4, Congratulation: congratulating the staff on get married and birth of baby;
  5, Festival welfare: giving benefits to staff on the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn festival, and Spring
  6, Traffic subsidies: providing the commuter bus;
  7, Meal allowances: providing meal allowances for staff according to market standards
  8, Other benefits: providing regular benefits for certain type staff such as good employees enjoy paid
   travel, parent-child activities, Women's Day activities, etc.